About Mr. Nico

Hello, my name is Nicolas Eaglin. However, to all my students and families, I go by Mr. Nico. I have worked with children since 2015. My experience in this field all started in Pacifica. Initially I worked with for the City of Pacifica as a child care aid. For two years, I worked with children from kindergarten to 7th grade. My basic responsibilities included: helping them with their homework, supervising them outside, and playing games with them. 

I decided to apply for more positions in and around school. From 2016-2018, when I wasn’t working at the child-care site, I was working as a PlayWorks instructor at one of the local schools in Pacifica. I was in charge of organizing games for the kids to play at recess and I was also a substitute teacher. In the evenings after my two shifts, I would attend Skyline College for my Early Childhood Education credentials. Lastly, sprinkled throughout those years, I also baby sat for a few families along the peninsula.

It wasn’t until 2018, where I decided to commit myself to becoming a full-time classroom teacher. I enrolled into the school of education at San Jose State University. I completed their year and half program and received a Master’s in Education, along with a teaching credential for the state of California. My first year of teaching took place during the 2020-21 school year as a full time distance learning teacher for the Pacifica School District. Fortunately, my last year of teaching was in person for the Redwood City School District. For my first year I taught 4th grade ELA, and for my second year I taught 4th and 5th grade ELA, social studies, and science. 

My last year of teaching was a life changing experience in the best of ways; however, as much fun as I had with my students, the job of teaching frequently got in the way of that fulfillment. I found that being a classroom teacher was not an efficient way to work with children or their families. There were just too many unnecessary tasks put on all parties involved in the institution.   I decided to resign at the end of the year to focus on writing and personal reflection. Out of that time away from the classroom, and with some help from some very supportive parents, I came up with the idea for the Mini-School of LIFE. 

I started this program in October of 2022, and the curriculum centers around reading, writing, public speaking, and developing basic life skills. I now have a much clearer line of communication between both the students and their parents. As a result, the children are eager to learn, and the parents are happy to be able to communicate directly with me.

Work Experience

  • Fully licensed multi-subject teaching credential for the state of CA
  • Earned a Masters of Arts Education (Curriculum and Instruction) from San Jose State University
  • 2 years working as a full time teacher
  • 5 years working in Child-Care
  • 2 years working as a substitute teacher
  • 2 years working as a Playworks instructor
  • 1 year working as a baby-sitter